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Situated at the north of Kathmandu, the trekking in Langtang area is relatively easier than others. We will not go to the highest altitude in that region than the Kyanjin village, situated at an altitude of 3850m. Traveling in bus upto Barkhu (1860m), by traversing the terraced paddy fields, pine and rhododendron forests, and villages of Tamang ethnical group. The highest valley of Langtang is the area of mountain pasture. The local inhabitants are especially Sherpas and Tibetans. The peak of Langtang Lirung (7225m) is too close, we can see the glacier descending to the base of valley. Despite being very close to Kathmandu, the Langtang Region is as wild as any Tibetan highlands with idyllic rural landscape. The people living in the highlands of the Langtang region are certainly Nepalese but being the descendant of the Tibetan origin, they look like the Tibetans. Hence, Langtang region is one of the most popular trekking regions for those wishing a short trek from Kathmandu into the Himalayas influenced by Tibetan lifestyle. Moreover, accompanying with the varieties of rhododendron, bamboo forests, majestic waterfalls and snow-capped Himalayas make the trek one of the most diverse treks nearby Kathmandu.